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Updated: August 9, 2008 - 1:00am EST

Generic basics

♥ You must be a member of the community to request.

♥ Please request in a post.

♥ Please do not direct link. photobucket.com and imageshack.us are highly recomended.

♥ Don't make off-topic posts. Requests only!

♥ Don't delete anything unless told by me.

♥ I recomend having the community on your friends list. Not a big thing, but it helps keeep you updated with the rules, or specials...I only post it here.

♥ Be respectful, request and have fun!

When requesting...

♥ Must be a blinkie, glitter or pixel. No icons. Please have an example of what you want. Glitters don't need an example. But only freeware & pixel creations please!

♥ Please don't just randomly change your request. I may be finished yours and it would annoy me since I'd feel like you just wasted my time. (Which is very limited these days)

♥ Request one thing at a time. Once you pick up, you may request again. If I feel too many people are requesting & my time is short, I will put up a weekly limit.

* 1 blinkie
* 1 glitter
* 1 sayclub

I do recolors; but if it's a sayclub - be resaonable please!

♥ DO NOT put small blinkies or pixels under a cut. Also, please post the actual image, not the link. (<*img src="YOUR URL HERE"*> remove the *'s)

♥ Be conciderate of the number of boxes in your blinkies please. Pixel text has no limit.

♥ Credit is nice. :) Most of my creations are originals. I would like them made by me. They'll be available for requests at my gallery in blinkie_shop, not here.

♥ *Not needed, but I like some uniformity* Put in your subject: "Request Please"


rockgirl182 - Owner & Maker

I am not looking for any other makers. If you're not listed, don't fill any requests. Doing so results in instant ban.


Credit to : Kurt Halsey for all artwork shown in banners, layout and icon

Credit to: fuxkperfection at graphixcraze for banner design and layout coding

Sister communities

If you'd like to become sister communities ... Feel free to post a comment! :)

Link me!